Fruitarian Diet for a healthy living

Fruitarian Diet for a healthy living

When you consume an ample amount of fruits every day, it will work wonders on your system.

The land produces a variety of fruits for every season, and when you consume the right type of fruits that nature is bringing to you in the right season, your overall physical & mental well-being will improve.

Also, studies show that the food you intake influences your psychological behaviour to an extent. Thus, you have to be very careful or cautious about the food you choose to consume, and that's known as Mindful Eating.

Now, there will be a question popping out! Do fruit diets work well for people who are involved in a lot of physical activity on a daily basis?

Well, the answer is,
In general, fruits cannot be consumed in large volumes. Because, you will easily get full (Due to the sweetness in fruits), and also feel hungry quickly, like say in about 2 to 3 hours. This is because the fruits get digested rapidly and that makes your stomach feel empty a little sooner. So, if you are someone who is involved in a very physical straining kind of job, but still want to continue with your fruit diet, then you have two options:

Firstly, you have to spend more time while eating and learn to eat slowly, so that you intake more quantity consciously. Secondly, you need to include 3 to 4 meals into your day (This is more than enough). Slowly your body will get tuned to this pattern and you will start doing your day-to-day activities with high energy.

Increase your Brain Power as well as your overall Stamina.
Make thirty percent of your diet ‘Fruits’.

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