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Increase your fruits & veggies intake the easy way!

Start your journey towards better health by increasing your fruits & veggies intake.

Despite the constantly-changing opinion on what is best for your health, all nutritionists agree to the fact that a fruit & vegetable diet is the healthiest of all. These nutrient & vitamin-rich foods, straight from nature are known to improve gut health, brain health, and heart health, and reduce the risk of diabetes, specific forms of cancer, and signs of aging.

Studies show that your diet should contain all kinds of plant-based foods, not only because of their nutrient values but also their colour. Most of the beneficial compounds in plants are associated with their colour pigments, so it is necessary to consume all the colours in order to get the wholesome minerals & nutrients supply your body needs.

Now, let’s dive into a few easy ways to consume more veggies & fruits every day.

Begin little by little

You can start by including your favourite veggies in your daily dishes. For example, you can add more veggies to sandwiches, soup, stews, omelettes, etc. Also, add more amount of fruits to smoothies, salads, yogurt, etc.

Replace your regular sides with any fruit/veggie

Substituting usual unhealthy sides/snacks with tasty & healthy items like fresh apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, etc.

Make fruits/veggies the hero of your main meal

Slowly move the fruits/veggies from the side item to the main meal. Prepare a new recipe using your favourite veggie including- Spaghetti squash, vegetable pot pie, black bean burger, eggplant lasagna, pizza loaded with veggies n pineapple, etc.

Take the fruits/veggies wherever you go

If you are someone who will travel a lot, don’t miss making your on-the-go snacks a salad bowl. It can be a rainbow bowl or trail mix topped with sweet fruits.

With time & effort, this practice will turn out to become easy and a permanent habit as well.

Take the first step towards becoming a healthier person, today!

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